Nomads BA Conference

2 DIC | 2 PM | Planetario, Palermo
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Dustin Luke is a social media content creator who made Argentina in his home for more than 9 years. He hosted a travel show in Spanish on primetime national Argentine TV and he was converted in one of the most watched Spanish-speaking non-natives on the planet with over 100M views and 1.8M followers across social media. On top of being a content creator, Dustin wrote a published book titled "Bien Argento" and runs an English/Spanish pronunciation academy online helping his students learn how to imitate and speak like a native speaker in their target language. Overall, Dustin's main goal is to help build "More Bridges [and] Less Walls" culturally through language, the content he creates, and any project he's involved in.


Conferencista TedX con dos libros publicados y maestra en más de tres plataformas a nivel mundial. Ekaterina is an award-winning entrepreneur, multilingual linguist, Amazon bestselling author, founder of Amolingua, an ed-tech that has trained 10,000+ people foreign languages, cultures and soft skills. Leader of Lingo+, an Erasmus+ funded project upskilling 20,000+ educators on how to teach in multilingual multicultural environments. She has been educating 100,000+ people worldwide for over 14 years including world thought leaders from TED to Singularity University. With years of practice, she became the “Go-To” person for public speaking training in foreign languages. She’s on a mission to create a better connected multicultural multilingual world.


Christopher Kraan is a DeROSE Method teacher with more than 10 years of experience, a Leviathan Performance Coach, and a biohacker.


Is the co-founder & CEO of two companies: Filmmakers of the Future, EdTech that provides courses on film and content creation for children and adolescents around the world. And Ruptive, a development agency and Metaverse e-commerce, events, education and entertainment services for businesses. He is also an Ambassador of, a Metaverse platform. His work has been recognized for innovation at the ""Salzburg Global Seminar"" 🇦🇹 in Austria and at ""Better Together"" 🇰🇷 in South Korea. He is also a member of ""Global Shapers"", an impact initiative of the World Economic Forum. Thanks to his vast experience and passion for science fiction, technology and the human mind since he was a child, his His life purpose today is to extend the possibilities of human behavior and interactivity.


Fundador de Defy Education, inversor e investigador del ecosistema de Ethereum.




Is a traveler, tango teacher, hatha yoga instructor and facilitator of sound meditations with gongs, quartz bowls and ethnic instruments from different countries. He began his internship in Pipa (north of Brazil) and for more than 5 years, he has been providing this type of holistic experience in his own space "Le Bulle" in Buenos Aires, which is also a warm large house where he accommodates travelers from all over the world.


Alyssa Ramos is one of the first solo female travel social media influencers, an established travel blogger, and a serial entrepreneur with several travel businesses that are all managed remotely. She was one of the first travel influencers to start hosting group trips with audience members, and teaches several courses about how to work remotely. Recently Alyssa purchased her first foreign property investment in Mexico, and wrote her first book titled, 'Yes, I'm a Woman and I'm Traveling Alone'. She has currently been to 121 countries, and all 7 continents, mostly solo.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Villarino, who has traveled 180,000 kilometers hitchhiking, was considered by the New York Times as the best backpacker in the world. Travel writer/blogger. Social influencer. Digital Nomad. His travel blog was the first in Argentina. Little by little, sharing his chronicles, he became a writer.