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Buenos Aires is ranked by Nomad List as the best city in the world to live and work as a Digital Nomad. It is popular among Digital Nomads because of its great weather, vibrant vibe, low costs of living, multicultural atmosphere and friendly locals. Our city has all you need to have the best experience on your travels. We have a lot to say about Buenos Aires, especially for Digital Nomads living in this city.

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The program was born at the end of 2020 as a result of the international projection strategy after COVID-19. During the first phase, the aim was to build a local digital nomad & remote worker community through activities, events, and benefits.

With a strengthened community of digital nomads and remote workers, in 2022 and 2023, the second phase of the program prioritized institutional articulation and the generation of information about the phenomenon. To this end, work was carried out with local Argentinean and foreign governments, the private sector, and higher education institutions. During this phase, the program created a link between tourism, international mobility, and global talent.

In that sense, from 2024, the program aims to promote the city of Buenos Aires as an ideal destination for retreat trips, relocation of employees of online companies, and international events. To do so, the program seeks to enable access to the touristic and remote work ecosystem for interested actors and make Buenos Aires City an easy, legal, and safe destination.

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for digital nomads and remote workers


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The first edition of the NomadsBA Conference, programmed by the City Government of Buenos Aires


The second edition of the NomadsBA Conference, programmed by the City Government of Buenos Aires

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The  Third edition of the NomadsBA Conference, programmed by the City Government of Buenos Aires


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To promote and encourage the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires as a safe global destination and as the first urban destination in Latin America to visit, live, work, study and do business, in the context of the pandemic and post-pandemic of COVID-19.
Contribute to the strengthening of the City’s international projection strategy, enhancing its strengths as a safe destination, with a high quality of life and home to talent, creativity and diversity.


To attract Digital Nomads, promoting the comparative advantages offered by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires as an urban destination and to provide a series of services aimed at facilitating their arrival, settling in, and experience in the city.
To contribute to the economic reactivation, promotion and development of the sectors that offer goods and services to people visiting Buenos Aires in order to generate a positive impact on the city.


Nomads BA seeks to work on the institutionalisation of the programme, aiming for the City of Buenos Aires to be one of the first local governments at international level to have a programme exclusively dedicated to the reception of the tourist sector.
With this in mind, a strategy based on three lines of work has been developed:

Working with the private sector (accommodation, migratory and insurance services, co-working spaces, activities, among others).

Working in conjunction with local Argentinean governments to promote the country, foster local relations and take advantage of the varied offer of tourist destinations.

Working with foreign governments to promote good relations, other destinations for certain seasons, and strengthening information related to the “new” global phenomenon of remote work.