The biggest in-person conference for digital nomads,
remote workers and freelancers in Latin America

Buenos Aires will be welcoming hundreds of nomads to Buenos Aires for the region’s third instalment of the specialist digital nomads conference.

Why Buenos Aires is for you!
Not only in BA a cultural and financial capital, a major international student hub, and a top employer of IT talent in the region, but it’s a city with a rich and unique identity, passionate people and a wholly seductive nightlife! You’ll never get bored in BA
Entrepreneurial and coworking scene:
Buenos Aires has a thriving entrepreneurial scene and a wide range of coworking spaces. Digital nomads can find an active community of remote professionals, networking opportunities, and the chance to collaborate on innovative projects.
Great Digital Nomad Community
The city has a vibrant flourishing nomad community, so if you’re looking for an awesome place to meet other digital nomads, look no further!
Iconic Venue
The Centro Cultural San Martín is an iconic cultural centre and meeting venue located near the famous landmarks of the Teatro Colón, the Obelisk, and Corrientes Avenue.

The first conference in the region where you can learn about the latest trends in remote work , digital nomadism and all the technology 3.0 related to this new wave



Introducing the most influential speakers from digital nomadism and remote work wave who’ve built interesting and innovative projects while travelling the world.


Entrepreneurs and experts with online businesses from a range of backgrounds will present strategy workshops & panel discussions.


You’ll have a truly unique opportunity to create relationships with all kinds of like-minded individuals in the local and international digital nomad community.


Small group sessions where you can ask specific questions and get specific answers for your online business and also share your learnings with others.


You will be able to participate in differents events that will be organized in parallel to meet other speakers and members of the program


The Centro Cultural San Martín is an iconic cultural centre and meeting venue located a stone’s throw away from the famous landmarks of the Teatro Colón, the Obelisk, the Plaza de Mayo and Corrientes Avenue. 

Why come to the Nomads BA Conference?

There is so much to love about Buenos Aires, especially as a digital nomad living in this city.
Here are just a few of the reasons why WE think the
NOMADS BA CONFERENCE is well worth it.

Digital Nomads

You will be able to learn about the latest trends in digital nomadism and learn about other projects developing ideas for this awesome community.


The people! The reason why people return to this city again and again: to make new friends, build projects, start movements, and shape the future of location independence.


The conference content is curated by digital nomads and remote projects who have been on this path for more than 10 years and are passionate about generating events and community.


We will have three panels where we will address all cain of topics regarding to digital nomads, remote work and how cities are developing projects to adapt this new model.


We want to thank everyone who was part of this 3erd edition

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On the 15th of June, a new edition of the Nomads BA Conference will be held from 4pm to 8pm at the San Martín Cultural Centre.  The conference will bring together the different participants of the remote work ecosystem and will offer different activities, talks and proposals aimed at remote workers, digital nomads, as well as those who wish to obtain tools to get into remote work.

In addition, attendees will learn about the work carried out by the City Government of Buenos Aires with the Nomads BA programme. We will be joined by representatives of local governments and the private sector, digital nomads and advocates of remote work. Registration is required.

At the beginning of 2021, Buenos Aires was the first city in the country to recognise that, during the context of the pandemic, the trend of remote work increased considerably around the world. More and more people began to carry out their work, professions or training activities without depending on a physical space, and in turn, a desire to combine well-being and enjoyment with work has emerged.

In this sense, the City Government designed the Nomads BA programme with the aim of promoting and fostering Buenos Aires as a safe global destination, with a high quality of life and a home to talent, creativity and diversity. As a result, the city has become the main urban destination in Latin America to visit, live, work, study and do business.

The event will feature a networking space for guests and a series of talks, which will revolve around three themes: Local Governments and Public Policy, Remote Work and Digital Nomadism, and Experience and Challenges of the Private Sector.